What to wear - families!

November 14 2011
With so many cool outfits for the kids- it's hard to narrow it down- but here is the general idea- edited from couples session.

STYLE : We are going for casual dressy - or depending on the season to match.

1- Color coordinate your outfits. Ok, for this one, don't  dress exactly the same. But keep in in the same family of colours. Blues, greys, blacks and whites go well. Browns, beige, white, and blues go well. Also a pop of color looks good on the girls or the smallest members of the family. Something really pink, red or yellow as long as the rest is neutral. 
Parents can be neutral colours while kids in coordinating bright colours.
2- DO NOT WEAR BUSY PATTERNS! I can date a picture from a pattern. keep it simple.
3- Wear something that you've tried and tested. I has to be comfortable, it has to fit, it has to boost your confidence. It shows in the picture.
4- Makeup. For this one put on some mascara, blush and gloss.
Lips stains are the way to go to have a natural reddish pout that lasts through the shoot. 
For guys: brush your eyebrows, if you have dark eyes circles you can even wear a dab on concealer. Be careful when you shave to avoid nicks and do wear lip balm for a smooth pout. 
5- Hair. Natural is best, hats... only if you really want to and you wear it every day. Style your hair the day before, it looks more natural and less done. Spray fly aways.

6- Location. Your home is easier for the smaller members of your family. Clear a room of toys and  that is it! We will venture outside if weather permitting.

We are aiming for natural and casual but have some things in consideration.
Keep it touchy-feely, look into each other, tickle - play and interact. Keep your face expressions happy but not too exaggerated.

And the most important one smile! smile tons! If there is one thing I like retouching on all my pictures is to brighten the smile for those of us with off-white-almost-beige toothies.


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