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October 31 2011
Here is how the story goes... Marlen has been doing the photography thing for a while- from baby photography to wedding to the now her specialty; the boudoir photography. She loves what she does.  Then she met Amy and they founded Natural Beauty co-op. Amy loves nature, animals and portraits. While each have their own style, they love all things photography and fashion. They found this little studio they share where they have shot more portraits, and fashion oriented shoots. 

After a while, Dana, head minion, approached MJ for an internship opportunity. MJ was skeptical  at first, being a control freak about her work and who sees her pictures, but Dana quickly earned her trust as they shared the devotion for pin up queen Betty Page and all things Nikon.

Since that internship thing went so well, MJ opened the flood gates from the University of Guelph Humber photography program. Free minions! First came along Melissa and then Linda.
Melissa has also showcased her talent in putting people at ease, lugging her equipment and having a great eye for portraits. While hoarding cats and kittens. 
Linda has a bit of a darker side- preferring a high fashion approach  with a distinct personality that shows in her work.
Amanda was the last one to be added with her sensitive nature and high quality work integrated perfectly into the team.

All excellent photographers, all very different personalities, but all easy to get along and a very fashion conscious approach to portraits. 

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