Photographer: Linda Arki

January 31 2012
Describe yourself in five words: 
Strange, dark, mysterious, eccentric, profound!
What's your superpower? 
Though I do need this sharpen this particular skill:
 I'd say the ability to observe and fondly acknowledge the stories that lies beneath the surface of a person's face.
Why did you want to be a photographer? 
Life is photogenic in and of itself, thus I find my duty to capture the beauty of it all to the extent of my abilities. =)
What is your favourite part about photography? 
The ability to be expressive and provide a voice to silent imagery.
01 = My favourite image I've ever shot. The dance of colour and light accompanied by the subtle, bashful expression on her face demonstrate a young female drifting into a dream world for the sake of achieving a peace of mind.

02 = A second favourite. During a personal beauty photoshoot, the subject in this photograph made an unintentional move she closed her eyes for short of a second. Infatuated with this expression I requested for her to repeat the action. Her calmness gave the photo a breath of life. With the use of subtle selective colouring and a dry grainy mask, I've attempted to cover the details of a silent, personal, and vulnerable beauty that is often not seen nowadays.

03. = Aside from my love of portraiture, I do admire the simple still life. One day I was feeling under the weather and noticed it began to rain. I remember sitting by my bed watching the droplets dance down the glass of my window when I happened to notice the residue that left behind made me inspired. I often have a collection of fake flowers lying around and thought it would be a nifty idea to demonstrate two separate forms of nature [plant and water] separated by a barrier [the window] to present, in a quiet and despondent manner, a sense of loss. After all, the rain plus a cold can at times leave a girl both somewhat depressed and creatively inspired! =P

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