Moda Style Shoot: Monique

August 20 2010
A little more of a look into what your photos will look like. Think model portfolio :)

Client: Monique    Location: Walnut     Photographers: Dana & Marlen        Photoshoper: Marlen

Mad Men - not Mad me - shoot!

August 10 2010

Thanks for coming out to the Mad men style shoot! we loved having themed photoshots, so the next one will be a production of PIN UP photography! stay tuned

More friends ....

July 26 2010
Super fun June shoot- a little later than I would like to post.

Fashion Shoot: best friends

May 27 2010
Since they where in they're moms' tummy!

I love the ones when thy crack up-

Makeup: Mel Dixon
Photos: Marlen James
2nd Photographer : Dana Bronsteter

Moda Style highlights

May 20 2010

Loving the studio! And prom season started- do you have your prom dress ready? let's do a shoot!

Moda Style Photography- fashion style portraits in Toronto

April 28 2010

My new baby, Moda Style Photography has officially open for business.

Come to get non-naked pictures done, in a funky artist studio near King and Bathurst area. Here are some shots from the weekend- capturing Matthew Alexander 's new line and the fashion stylings of  Luis Zulayhka and  some extra shots by Amy Cross. Mischa and Lindsay where awesome and flawless.

These where done in the loft with a white seamless background - I bring out for special occasions.
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Pay your deposit HERE $50

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